Are mobile mechanics cheaper than garages

The most common questions that comes to our mind when we need a repair or maintenance work of our automobile “where should I take the car for repair”, “should I call a mobile mechanic”, “are mobile mechanics expensive”, and many more. The frequent thought is do mobile mechanics cost higher as they are doing a lot better than the garages. The answer is “no”. Despite the fact that mobile mechanic travel to your place and convenience, they still cost less than the garages. Now the question arises “Why”. Few of the many reasons include;

  • Mobile mechanics want their personal reputation and keep the customers satisfied so that he can have the work on a regular basis.
  • From a customer point of view, the logistics for shifting the car to garages can be tedious and costly process. If you are in a situation where you are broke down and your insurance is not covering the transfers, mobile mechanic is a way cheaper alternative.
  • Mobile mechanics have no overhead costs like garages. Mobile mechanics don’t have rents, licenses, etc making them cheaper than the garages.
  • Mobile mechanics don’t stock spare parts by hence no cost for inventories.
  • The only cost they are bearing is van, fuel, tools, and insurance instead of building, licenses, and labor. 
  • Most of the time, mobile mechanics are freelancers i.e. working on their own at easy timings. They don’t need to work for anyone else.

These factors cut your repair price to almost a half or some time even lower than the workshops and/or garages. Sometimes the mechanic does not have enough or suitable tools for major repairs and some mechanics have the facility to transfer your car to nearest workshop. Even in such case the cost may be reduced than the direct sending the automobile to a workshop.

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